The Stockroom


– High-end cocktails with a no-nonsense classic approach – 

In the 1920s, America attempted to ban the production and sale of alcohol, thereby banning alcohol consumption from the United States. No need to say they failed considerably. Throughout the country secret bars appeared in no time, accessible through bookcases, floor hatches, and hidden doors, only for those who knew of it. The so-called Speakeasy bars. 

When we were forced to build our bar in a former stockroom in Groningen, logically we used the mysterious vibe of this era as a source of inspiration. We managed to create a place like no other.

At The Stockroom, we serve the finest drinks by using top-quality products. Classic cocktails as in the roaring 20’s, provided with a seasonal twist.

Expect high-quality service and hospitality, from bartenders who understand how to deliver guests a unique experience.

The Stockrooom                Oosterstraat 24-1            Groningen               Reservations  0507853676