Cocktail van de maand

Bee's Knees

The Bee’s Knees. The original was created by Millionaire widow Mrs Margaret Brown around 1927 when partying in Paris.It consisted only of gin, lemon and honey, and was described in 1929 as quite a “sweet affair”. In 1948 David Embury added a splash of Orange, for many the better version. The expression of Bee’s Knees originated in the 18th century in a practice that still exists to this day: making an apprentice search for something that does not exist! I remember sending staff members throughout town looking for “Black Curacao” to the delight of many bar managers.With the current issues involving the honey bee, this is a great drink to raise awareness to their struggling survival and i hope we will see the return of more of the happy black and yellow fellows soon! When possible, go for the smaller producers, or splash on some delicious flower honey. For ease of speed, you can dilute the honey 1:1 beforehand if used in a busy bar. But beware, once diluted, it just LOVES to ferment, so unless your plan is to make mead (also delicious), be sure to use quickly when diluted.

Bee’s Knees

50 ml Catz Dry Gin

20 ml fresh lemon juice

15 ml quality honey

10 ml fresh orange juice

Shake with Hoshizaki Benelux ice cubes and fine strain in a chilled coupe.

Garnish with Orange.

Omit the orange juice if feeling particularly classic.


Author: Timo Janse